Loaded up – destination Calais!

One more van loaded to the rafters with all sorts, and headed for Calais in the morning…

On board is –

Blankets, including some beautiful hand made and stitched peace blankets that are packed up ready to take to the Women’s Centre in the Jungle, in the hope that mum’s will get first choice of them for their kids.. Other blankets will be delivered to the ‘Newcomer’s Distribution Point’ ¬†along with the few tents and sleeping bags that we have on board – the general thing is that a newcomer is given a tent, a sleeping bag and a blanket when they arrive on site… we also have a stack of pillows on board which will either go to the newcomers area or to the family field, and a big pile of quilts which will help keep a few people warm….

Food and catering equipment which will go to one of the Free Food Kitchens on site..

Firewood, which we are hoping to be able to distribute ourselves.. thanks to everyone who contributed some bags of ready chopped firewood.

Some plastic chairs that I promised to Sofinee of ‘Kitchen In Calais’ last time I went but forgot to stick them in… this time they are headed her way!

And 2 bikes courtesy of one generous Stroudie, headed out to make someone’s life a lot easier!

I also have 900 Euros in cash… 600 of which will be given to a long term volunteer out there, Claire Moseley, for her to buy some firewood with… and the other 300 we will be spending on fresh fruit and veg for the Ashram and Family Field kitchens… the Fresh Fruit Fairies strike again!!!!!