Our Stroudies on the ground in Lesvos

So, our intrepid Stroudies have arrived on Lesvos, straight into an urgent situation: on arrival at Moria UNHCR camp on the island, our volunteers discovered that the refugee shelters provided by IKEA had no lighting! Without lighting, the shelters are too dark & unsafe to use (particularly for families). So they have put out an urgent appeal for our generous community to donate to their fund: Mission to Lesvos

Some of this fund is to be used immediately to spend locally on torches, lanterns, etc. for the shelters. Our Stroudies will be dealing with a lot of urgent situations over their time on Lesvos, so we’ll keep you posted on their experiences, those of the refugees they meet and updates on the necessities they’ll be spending the fund on. They have also delivered a van load of items from our warehouse, including men’s clothing, one outfit one child packs, sleeping bags and food. On unloading the boxes, our Stroudies were told by aid workers how great it was that our donations were so well packed and sorted as a lot of aid arrives still needing to be sorted and categorised. As all who’ve helped us sort and pack know, this is time consuming – and we don’t have to care for thousands of suffering refugees at the same time like those working on the islands…So – keep up the good work team Stroud, here and over there, every effort is worth it, every donation is necessary, every bit of love finds its target x