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Prince Albert group meeting with Syrian refugee guest speaker.

It was a great turn out for this week’s meeting.  This was mostly due to the fact that we were honoured with the company of a Syrian refugee who recently made it into the UK.  He is eager to let people know the truth of what is happening in Syria, why he had to leave, and what the journey through Turkey, across to Greece and up through Europe is really like. This week he was in Stroud to share his story with us and last night he came to the Prince Albert and spoke at length to a room full of people. We will ask him at a later date if he would pen a piece for the website, but for now here is a quote from our Facebook page by Jeannie:

Incredible meeting tonight.. I’m still reeling!! Thanks to Sami for sharing his story, that has really hit home, to me anyway, just how crazy this world is, and why we are doing what we are doing… I don’t quite know what to do with my anger and resentment towards everyone who abuses and tortures and rapes as forms of power.. there are no words for my contempt… but doing what we are doing holds me together.. and hearing his story, and that it was the human kindness of activists and others that held him together…makes it all more than worthwhile.. it makes it a necessity.. because in the shadow of such pain, abuse and horror, the only way to fight is with absolute humanity… and love .. peace – out”

And here is his reply:

“I am so thankful that i have had the opportunity to meet you and share my experience with all of you. Visiting the warehouse today and seeing how much work is being done by so many of you to help refugees was so overwhelming. Thank you all so much for every piece of clothes you are sending, for every penny you are raising, for every second you are spending thinking of how could you help even more. I know you are all selflessly doing all of this and not asking for anything in return. However, I, and I think most of you, believe in Karma. Karma is going to repay you all, and in the future if you ever needed anything, it is going to be there for you. Thank you so much lovely people of Stroud. Hope to see you again.”

Jumble and donate day

Yesterday’s jumble at Rodborough Pavilion raised nearly £900!  Thank you to everyone who worked really hard to put a great Jumble together, especially Jessamine Valentine!!  That’s £900 that will go into the Stroud Refugee Aid fund that is there to pay for costs involved in getting people to refugee camps to volunteer, whether that is Calais or Greece, or somewhere in between, and to cover other costs such as shipping, buying specific items etc.

The donation drop off was also a huge success.  We had people dropping donations in a steady stream all day from 10am to about 4pm .  It was really overwhelming to see the generosity of the people of Stroud – A Little Town With A Big Heart!   A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated, and to all the volunteers who worked so hard all day…

All the donations have been taken to our new warehouse where they will get sorted more thoroughly into boxes of really specific items.  This week we will be focusing on getting it all sorted and boxed ready to go, and will hopefully get a few boxes sent off in advance of the container, in order that some aid arrives there sooner.  In particular we will be posting off a couple of boxes of the ONE OUTFIT ONE CHILD packs to Leros.

We will be booking a shipping container to leave from Bristol soon, and will post details of this as soon as it is happening.   2015-11-14 14.45.092015-11-14 17.21.56