Our Stroudies on the ground in Lesvos: part 5

Our Stroudies latest dispatch:

Hi All. the funding page is now closed as it has run its 30 days. Including donations through PayPal we raised £3800 and this has fed literally 1000s of people. Aside from stocking the free food kitchens and providing breakfasts and lunches at the port,we have shuttled about 550 people to various points on the island. We’ve had to do this clandestinely as it is not strictly legal and as we found out yesterday this enrages the local taxi drivers who are making a fortune out of overcharging for very short journeys. We are leaving tomorrow and we’ll be stopping to meet some refugee friends we made who have fled the Macedonian border and returned to Athens as it is so dangerous there (in Macedonia). Where they will go we don’t know but we are meeting up tomorrow night to see what we can do to help them reach a safer border away from the tear gas and the fear. You can still donate through PayPal but make sure you say you are sending to friends and family and mark your donation with the reference Greece. We’ve been told that donations marked Syria are being frozen by PayPal. Use the address leah.wild@hotmail.com… your money will be used to help people with onward journeys, to provide ski jackets and winter boots and to winterize some shelters in Calais for friends who we made there on our journey through. We have had many desperate phone calls from refugees we have made contact with here and in Calais and also many messages of heartfelt thanks. This is all down to your generosity and selfless acts of kindness. I’ll be posting some photos later. We’ve avoided taking any pictures of refugees as we feel it is intrusive and demeaning so expect sacks of rice and boxes of bananas. Food is life and you guys have helped provide all of it. one love brothers and sisters and thanks again xxxx