warehouse update

The warehouse is now closed until Monday 4th January. Once open again we will only be accepting clothing donations up to Wednesday January 6th. It is very, very important that ONLY clothing on the list (seeĀ donations page) is brought to the warehouse. Our jumble mountain of unsuitable clothing and shoes has grown again and we don’t want to make it any bigger….If you are collecting from a group of people, please emphasise to them how time-consuming and frustrating it is sorting donations and having to reject many due to unsuitability.

We will still accept sleeping bags, blankets, tents, boots up until Friday January 15th as there is a trip to Calais that weekend. After 15th January we will accept no more donations. These deadlines are because we are moving out of the warehouse by the 23rd January. StroudĀ  District Council very kindly let us use the warehouse free of charge up to Xmas, but we now have to pay business rates and have decided that the money is better spent directly on refugees and so we’ll be focusing on: fundraising, providing volunteers, directing funds and aid to groups on the ground, collecting specific items for specific locations and anything else we can think of that helps our fellow, suffering humans in any way we can…….

So, meanwhile, three vans are packed and heading to Calais in the days before Xmas. They are mostly taking food (see below) for the kitchens and individual groups and families, plus firewood, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, toys for children and, of course, their very useful and hardworking volunteers.

There’s also 78 full boxes so far with many, many more to be packed and sealed and shipped out to Greece after the new year. Well done Stroud – you really are rather special x