Recent Funding

Thanks to the generous people of Stroud, the funds are rolling in and rolling straight out again….The proceeds of the SVA art auction, Rasmachaz shop takings, standing orders from individuals and money raised from local coffee mornings and jumble sales have given RAS the opportunity to fund various projects, buy direct aid and send volunteers to where they are needed, whether that’s the Calais and Dunkirk camps or to the refugee crisis points in Greece. We’ve funded tonnes of food, lots of sleeping bags, masses of firewood, 50 fire extinguishers, travel costs for volunteers, art therapy projects for young refugees and much, much more. You can see updates on this  funding via the blackboard outside Rasmachaz on Stroud High St (see pic below) or keep an eye on our Facebook page.  

Our aim, as always, is to direct funds to the grassroots groups on the ground as swiftly and efficiently as we can, with as much transparency and openness as possible. However, we can only continue to do this with the support of our wonderful local community – so please get in touch with any fundraising initiatives or pop into the shop at 47 High St, Stroud for further information.

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