Monthly Archives: September 2016

And we’re back!!

Apologies to all for the lack of posts over the summer – all the busy RAS volunteers have been having a bit of a sabbatical for the last 2/3 months to catch up with their lives/jobs/holidays/relatives and other such everyday concerns. However, our Facebook page, the Rasmachaz fundraising shop, trips to refugee hotspots, small scale & individual fundraising efforts, etc. have all been merrily chugging along, with the shop in particular becoming a popular Stroud institution and any news or important events posted on FB as they occur…

Now summer is over and we are re-grouping to continue our vital work. This crisis shows no sign of ending and is, in fact, becoming worse for the thousands of suffering people forced to flee their homes and seeking safety in an increasingly hostile Europe. The situation in northern France is worsening – over 9000 people are now living in dreadful conditions in the Calais camp, many of them unaccompanied children, and the small, grassroots organisations working there are struggling to provide food, clothing and necessities. In addition, our contacts in Greece tell us that conditions for the thousands of refugees stranded there range from barely adequate to appalling.

So, it’s as important as ever that RAS and our supportive Stroudies continue to fundraise and collect donations – our community has done us proud so far and hopefully will continue to do so. Thank you Stroud x

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