Monthly Archives: November 2016


A total of £4725 allocated this week to grassroots organisations working in France and Greece to keep refugees fed, warm and able to call their families….Thank you Stroudies!

£1500 to HOT FOOD IDOMENI – the little group of experienced volunteers who began with a tiny field kitchen feeding stranded refugees at the Idomeni border and are now working in Northern Greek camps – and in Belgrade, Serbia serving hot meals in the absence of any other NGOs..
£1000 to REFUGEE COMMUNITY KITCHEN – RCK are still feeding refugees in Dunkirk & scatttered groups in Calais and are now expanding and going mobile this winter – “with the aim to serve the same hot, nutritious meals that every human deserves,in camps across the continent”
£1000 to CARE 4 CALAIS – working hard to locate & help refugees dispersed by the eviction and living in hidden camps, those sleeping rough in Paris & elsewhere and offering support & assistance to those now scattered throughout France in accomodation centres and facing an uncertain future
£300 for PHONE CREDIT FOR REFUGEES – vital for refugees far from home – to keep in touch with their families and friends, and with the volunteer groups supporting them as they negotiate complex asylum procedures – particularly important for the unacompanied children
£725 worth of WARM HOODIES – sent directly to Calais warehouse for distribution there and elsewhere