How you can help

All our work relies on volunteers and the support of local people, groups and organisations. You can donate money via our bank account, either one-offs or regular standing order (see below), donate items for specific appeals, volunteer to work in the Pop Up Shop, take part in fundraising activities or organise your own. We also welcome anyone with useful skills to offer.  Or you can go overseas and volunteer on the ground.

Please note that we are no longer collecting general items for refugees such as clothing, shoes, duvets, food items etc. This is partly  due to lack of storage space and the associated time and effort required to sort general donations. Also, as we rely on local volunteers, we are often unable to provide prompt deliveries to the European refugee camps – needs change constantly so deliveries must be timely to ensure we deliver appropriate items. For these reasons, we are mainly focused on raising funds so we can respond rapidly to current requests. We have established strong links with volunteer, grassroots organisations on the ground who let us know what is needed, where and when.  We have learnt a lot these past few months and two of the most important lessons are: that a prompt response is crucial when providing crisis aid and that the groups and organisations directly involved with refugees are best placed to assess current necessities and send out requests accordingly.  Via these groups and thanks to our generous community, we have been able to fund many wonderful projects in Northern France, the Greek Islands, the Greek mainland, as well as send food aid to Syria. We will still be collecting aid for specific appeals – such as the Syria food project – so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for current activities.


Stroud Refugee Aid is now established as a non-incorporated association and we have a central bank account, making us fully accountable. If you can set up a standing order or make a one-off donation please see details below:

Lloyds Bank
Account Name: Refugee Aid Stroud
Sort Code: 30-95-96
Account No: 19336860

From Jesse Carrington, Refugee Aid-Stroud committee member:

“Make a real difference for £5 a month

Many of us would like to do more for the current refugee crisis than our busy lives allow. Thankfully there is now a simple and extremely effective way that we can all make a difference.

We are asking you if you would consider setting up a standing order for £5 per month.One of the beauties of this grass-roots aid effort is that every single penny is spent on direct aid, channelled through bodies on the ground that we have first hand dealings with. There are no wages, no administrative costs, no complex bureaucracy, no political interests.

We now have over 1800 members on our Facebook page. Imagine what a difference we could make if just 500 of us donated each month? That £2500 per month alone would have a significant impact on the camps in northern France and beyond.

Some examples of the kind of difference every pound makes:

Kitchen in Calais serve an incredible 1200 meals per day, that’s 8400 meals per week. This immense effort requires £200 per week in gas refills. So, every pound donated heats 42 meals. A meal cost 1 euro on average, and there’s a number of volunteer-run kitchens serving daily in Calais and Dunkerque. So £5 buys 7 meals.

Bulk loads of firewood are now being delivered into the 2 camps each week. Just £1 buys fuel for one refugee for a week. That’s a big difference you’re making to somebody trying to get through winter marooned in a cold and muddy field.”