Volunteering overseas

This humanitarian crisis has been going on for some time now, and is not going to be stopping any time soon sadly.   Out in Calais, the Greek Islands, and on the whole migrant route in between they are desperate for volunteers to go out and offer their time helping the refugees.  This might be by distributing aid, helping with the medics, distributing food, sorting aid in the warehouses, or just offering human kindness to those in need.

There are several ways to get involved, so this page is here to provide links to organisations and associations at the various camps/places, links to the websites for volunteering, and links to any forms that are required to be filled in before setting off.

For volunteers from Stroud and surrounding areas who have time and inclination but no way of financially supporting themselves, the Stroud Refugee Aid Fund can help towards the costs of volunteering abroad.


If you are thinking of volunteering in Calais at the ‘Jungle’ then please fill in this form and submit it:

volunteering in Calais

If you want to volunteer to drive aid over, or want to do so independently but want information then please contact us.   If you want to join a convoy, or come on a trip over there, then please follow the events section to see who is going where and when.

If you want to go over to volunteer in the warehouse and with distributions then please contact Clare Moseley by email clare@care4calais.org and let her know what dates you can go for.

Accomodation – there are various options around Calais.  Most people tend to use either a local hostel, air bnb, or cheap hotels in the area.  There is also the option of staying on site, but if you do so then it is good to make contact with other long term volunteers who also live on site to find out where is best to camp.



If you are interested in volunteering out on one of the Greek Islands then please be aware that they ask you to preferably go for 2 weeks minimum.  This is not to say that offering a week is not wanted.  If that is what you can spare and you want to go then great.  The reason they ask for 2 weeks is so that you have time to settle in to it and learn what needs doing, and then still be able to offer the crisis 10 days or so of dedicated volunteering.   The info for these islands is as follows:

FOR LESVOS – please see following websites:




FOR SAMOS – please complete the following form and submit:




Please contact Chantelle Burton in the group Aid Leros –


This is the message from her containing info on what details she needs from you, and also info for you to think about – accommodation etc..

Thank you very much for your support. We are desperate in Leros. All I need are dates. How long can you stay for? Are you coming alone or with others? Where are you based? The best option is to fly to Athens and get the night ferry to Leros. Alternatively fly to Kos and take the short ferry trip to Leros. Accommodation is cheap and easy to find. Many people stay the first night in a hotel in Lakki (where the camp is) then arrange accommodation while over there. Many people stay at nikis studios, you will need to hire a car or pay for taxis, which is cheap. 00302247025600 nikistudios@hotmail.com in Pangeli. Send me over the details including your Whatsapp contact number and I’ll get back to you. If you haven’t got Whatsapp I’d suggest downloading it ASAP as that’s the main method of communication.